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  • Directed against meat products in carry out marinating, tumbling and kneading, and improve meat quality, so the meat is tenderized with distinctive result. Fast marinating time, avoid time consuming and laborious manual process by traditional marina...
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  • 1. Mixer Hook: It applies to the mixture of solidity and liquid, such as dough, crust and pie.
    2.Mixer Whipper: It applies to the attenuated and softened mixture, such as butter, mayonnaise, and albumen.
    3. Mixer Beater: It applies to t...
  • Power HP: 5 (HP)
    Dough Capacity: 33 kg
    Speed:24/79, 39/128, 56/217
    N.W/ G.W: 480/550 (kg)
    Machine Size:93 x 78 x 132(cm)
  • GF-601 (60 Liter)
    Power HP: 3 (HP)
    Dough Capacity: 22 kg
    Speed:30/100, 47/157, 78/261
    N.W/ G.W: 400/450 (kg)
    Machine Size:80 x 5 x 132(cm)