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  • 12 Colours

    FEATURE:Rich colour.Easy colouring.Hexagonal design.Quality lead with less breakage and minimum lead flake.Smooth lead for better coverage.Briallant effects on paper.Suitable for colouring contest.PP box for extra protection.Better s...
  • FEATURE:Writing length: 1km++Extra large line widthLow odourXylene freeEasy to eraseBright colourLonger cap-off timeRecap and keep horizontallyConforms to ASTM D-4236 U.S.AConforms to European standare EN 71/3


    12 PCS / BOX600 PCS / CTN<...

  • FEATURE:Large Bullet TipAcrylic tipXylene freeLonger Cap-Off timeWrite clear and wipe off instantlyRecap and keep horizontally.Place marker upside down when colour is lightConforms to ASTM D-4236 U.S.AConforms to European standare EN 71/3



    Suitable for Home-Made Invitations Greeting Cards Scrapbooking & Journaling.Use in the office & School Project Drawing & Doodling and so on.


    12 PCS / BOX , 1728 PCS / CTN8 PCS / PVC BOX ,...


    Suitable for exam use .Available in blue, black and red colours.PACKING :12 pcs /box1728 pcs /ctn